Why Are Doctors Hiding This Simple Recipe from the Public? This Is How You Can Treat Bunions 100% Naturally

When there is some type of inflammation on your feet or if you wear uncomfortable shoes, salt deposits are created which are called bunions. Men and women can be affected but they are more common in women. They are not always painful but they can have a serious impact on the quality of your life by lowering your self-esteem and self-awareness about the way your feet look. Bunions can also be a problem, making it impossible to find shoes that fit.

Bunions can be removed surgically but if you are afraid of going in the OR keep reading. We will give you a perfectly safe, natural recipe to quickly treat the bunions. This recipe will help you remove the salt deposits and your feet will return to their normal state.


  • 300 ml water
  • 1 tbsp crushed bay leaves
  • A thermos


Put the water and the bay leaves in a pot and cook until the water starts boiling. Then transfer it into the thermos and leave it overnight. In the morning strain the liquid and drink in sips throughout the day, but not at once. You should do this every day for 7 days but remember to always prepare a fresh mixture for the next day.

NOTE: You will probably experience frequent need to urinate while using this treatment which is a good sign. It means that the salt is dissolving and stimulating your bladder. Your bunions will completely disappear if you keep doing the treatment for 2 months.