Man Spends His One Day Off Cleaning Forgotten Veterans’ Tombstones

Andrew Lumish spends his days cleaning, as he is a cleaner by trade. Some might suspect that cleaning is the last thing he wants to do on his days off, but he is lending his talents to a very helpful cause. He typically works six day weeks and he specializes in carpet cleaning and upholstery.

However, the manner in which he spends his free time has been receiving a lot of publicity and for very good reason. When old tombstones of veterans have been damaged by years and years of neglect, he arrives on the scene to remedy these issues and restores them to their former glory.

While this process can sometimes be completed in minutes, Lumish will often invest months of his time into cleaning these tombstones. His objective is to restore the marble of these stones, without causing any additional damage. He wants visitors to be able to read the tombstones and commemorate the fallen soldiers.

In his mind, this brings them back to life in a figurative sense and allows people to remember their names. His willingness to see every project through is certainly commendable and we wish that there were more people out there willing to make the same kind of sacrifice.

Thanks to his amazing kindness, he has been dubbed the “Good Cemeterian”. He spends each and every Sunday cleaning these tombstones and while most people would rather be spending their one day off in front of the television set with a cold beverage nearby, he is not most people.

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