Take some time and think about your relationship. Think about whether it has changed because of some obvious reasons, or it has entered a new phase. Sometimes the obvious things might not be as obvious as you thought. However, if you pay attention to the details and analyze it, you may see that something is wrong. This does not mean that you should start doubting your partner and start a fight.

The following signs will help you recognize the love you have, or don’t have. The signs, however, does not necessarily signify your partner does not love you anymore.

  • No demonstration of love anymore – if in case your partner does not show any interest in you it shows that they try to impress someone else. You need to move on for you will not get what you look for there. Focus on yourself.
  • Always thinking of someone else – if the heart and mind of your partner is somewhere else, you should not try to fix it, but better move on, and you will waste your time that way.
  • You are always blamed for whatever happens – you should not take unnecessary blame and have some self-respect. Thus, take your stand and leave your partner, rather than suffer.
  • No more topics for conversation – you no longer have common topics for conversation and there are many awkward moments as well as frustration. You should better go separate ways.
  • Always has an excuse for not being home – your partner always goes to business trips, is busy working, and no longer spends quality time with you, then it shows that he or she is into some other person.
  • No support for each other – your partner gets annoyed, mistreats you, no longer supports, and anything you do is not enough.
  • You hurt and hate yourself – you hate and question yourself for ever being with your partner.
  • You are no longer in the plans of your partner – it is not possible that your partner will love and care for you anymore. His or her preferences have changed and you are no longer their priority.
  • Your partner does not give you any explanations – your partner thinks it is a waste of time to give you any explanations and demands for a personal space.
  • You are being disrespected by your partner – you rather remember moments that made you suffer and no longer remember the beautiful moments, and you cannot fix your relationship.